Rape meal - without GMOn

Rapeseed meal is a great alternative as cheap fodder protein in Poland.

śruta rzepakowa
Rapeseed meal without gmo

The source of fodder protein is primarily soybean meal; Unfortunately, the necessity of import makes it relatively expensive. Looking for a cheaper alternative, breeders are increasingly reaching for the Polish product: rapeseed meal without GMO is a stable and above all Polish source of protein. Consumers more and more often consciously approach the choice of dairy products and meat: the lowest price, but above all the quality is not important for them, therefore the use of non-GMO fodder is slowly becoming a standard.

Rapeseed meal differs from soy primarily with price.

It is a way to feed not only cattle, but also pig. Compared to soybean meal, rapeseed meal is much cheaper; it also has a larger amount of sulfur amino acids. It can also be used by poultry farmers. The ratio of protein to the price of the raw material is very attractive, so you should take advantage of this opportunity.

If you want to reduce the costs of breeding, put on rapeseed meal.

Instead of basing the nutritional base on soybeans, which is an imported product - you can opt for domestic feed, especially if you want to limit the use of GMOs. The high level of crude fiber reduces the nutritional value of rapeseed meal, however, it can be supplemented with other protein feeds without the need to use imported soy meal. If you are looking for a way to a cheaper replacement for expensive feed from foreign raw materials, you can increase the use of rapeseeds in production of beef cattle, pigs and milk. More and more European countries are moving away from the import of soy for the production of protein for feed purposes on their own.

The use of rape meal requires compliance with several rules.

In order to fully use the potential of rapeseed meal and at the same time not to worsen the production results, one should stick to the principles of nutrition. It should not be used in young animals, because in piglets it can cause stomach problems and stunted growth. It should also not be a feed component for nursing sows, because changing the composition of milk also inhibits the growth of piglets. Rapeseed meal can also affect the appetite of sows, which in turn may cause a lower feed intake and consequently a decrease in lactation. Due to the high level of crude fiber in rapeseed meal, the feed ingredients should be properly balanced to improve the digestibility of feed.

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