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Extruded NON GMO soy meal:

Proteins: min 44%
Crude fiber: max 3.5%
Raw fats: min. 1.0%

Extruded soybean meal NON GMO is a high-protein feed component used in feeding all species of farm animals regardless of their age. Due to its properties, it is ideally suited for making mixtures for fattening pigs and broilers. It comes exclusively from plants that have not been genetically modified.

High-Pro Soybean meal:

Proteins: min 46%
Crude fiber: max 3.5%
Raw fats: max 2.0%

High-Pro soybean meal is intended mainly for dairy cattle, fattening cows, older pig groups, reproductive hens, older turkey groups and geese. Provides rapid weight gain of the animal. High-Pro soybean meal is digestible and is a source of easily digestible vegetable protein.

High-Energy Soybean meal:

Proteins: min 42%
Crude fiber: max 6.0%
Raw fats: max 6.0%

High-Energy soybean meal has a high protein content. It is high-energy, well digestible and does not contain anti-nutritious ingredients.

Sunflower meal:

Proteins: min 31%
Crude fiber: max 6.0%
Raw fats: max 6.0%

Sunflower meal is formed as a by-product of the pressing of sunflower seed oil. The biological value of the protein contained in the sunflower meal is relatively high. These types of feed components are rich not only in protein, but also in B vitamins and phosphorus. They are used in particular in feed for cattle, geese, sows and laying hens.

Rapeseed meal NON GMO:

Proteins: min 32%
Crude fiber: max 13.0%
Raw fats: min. 1.0%

Rapeseed meal NON GMO is a perfect complement to protein in feed. It does not contain genetically modified raw materials. For ruminants it is a valuable source of protein, which affects the level of urea in milk. Our rape meal influences the growth of reproduction and increases the passage of microbial protein. In the diet of older animals, it supplements the food fiber necessary to maintain the well-being. It is an effective source of sulfur amino acids.

Wheat bran:

Proteins: min 15%
Crude fiber: min 9%
Starch: min 22%
Crude fat: 4%
Humidity: 13%
Crude ash: max 5%

Wheat bran is formed as a result of wheat milling into flour. They consist of a seed coat (fiber) and a thin layer of valuable proteins. Wheat bran support intestinal peristalsis, give a feeling of satiety (often used in feed as a filler). They act on the dairy sows for cows and sows.