Why is soya worth growing?

Soya meal is the most valuable source of plant protein. Its good assimilation has a very positive influence on the health and development of animals. Breeders witness faster weight gain already after several years of using our products. Thanks to additional substances and a wide range of vitamins, the assimilation is quicker and much more digestible.

Our products are always fresh and have a 3-month shelf life.

Extruded High Energy Soya Meal is characterised by high protein content and excellent digestibility of protein, without the anti-nutritive effect.

Profitability calculation for a crop of 2,5 ha for 2016:

  • Allowances per 1 ha
  • Single area payment – 461.55
  • Greening – 309.77
  • High-protein plants for seeds – 606.52 up to 75 ha
  • High-protein seeds above 75 ha – 303

Grow soya and gain profits

Those who have tried soya growing will not give it up very quickly. Easy growing and harvesting, no diseases or pests, fertility. Taking into account agricultural conditions, the use of a proper qualified seed variety and proper fertilisation.

Allowances 2017:

Advantages of soya growing:

Protein and fat factory at own land.
No dependence on GMO.
Low field production costs.
Very positive influence on successive plants.
Improvement of the physical and biological soil structure.
Growing and harvesting possible without specialist equipment.
Increases humus content, providing ca. 100 kg/ha to the soil.
It does not require intensive protection or high nitrogen fertilisation.